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Real Estate Investment – Albania

Convenient taxation, tourist destination, close ties with Israel, relatively low real estate prices and the possibility of granting mortgages up to 80% of the property’s

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Hazardous Structures – Israel

Performing Sufficient Due Diligence: Inspection of a Hazardous Structure Before Purchasing an Apartment in Israel Following the collapse of the buildings on Serlin Street in

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A Gift, or an Attempt at Tax Evasion?

A court ruling in Nazareth regarding gifts between relatives continues the tax authority’s trend at increasing scrutiny of gift transactions between relatives and closely examine

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Buying an Apartment in Israel – AS IS

Buying an Apartment in Israel – The Seller’s Duty of Disclosure A real estate transaction is one of the most significant enterprises that one

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The Firm specializes in real estate and property tax, as well as commercial litigation and labor law. The Firm represents commercial entities, contractors, entrepreneurs, hedge funds, importers and exporters, associations / non-profits, cooperatives, tenants of urban renewal projects & private clients.

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