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Performing Sufficient Due Diligence: Inspection of a Hazardous Structure Before Purchasing an Apartment in Israel

Following the collapse of the buildings on Serlin Street in Holon and Bialik Street in Ramat Gan, many tenants have vacated their homes in the fear that their buildings are in danger of collapsing. This trend is occurring in Bnei Brak as well as in Kiryat Shmona and in other cities throughout Israel.


Before considering purchasing a property in Israel, it is highly advisable to first examine with the department of construction and supervision in the municipality and inspect the relevant building files in the corresponding engineering departments in order to receive a comprehensive background of the property. When examining the property’s history, specific municipal decrees and reports concerning the integrity of the building or its structure will identify whether the building is considered a hazardous structure.


The definition of a hazardous structure in Israel is found in municipal bylaws, and varies from one local authority to another, and in cases where there is a question as to whether a structure is hazardous, the local authority is required to inspect the structure and the results of the inspection may lead the engineering department to redefine the structure as hazardous.


Before requesting a thorough inspection of the specific property in the department of construction and supervision and before inspecting the archive of the building files, you can first review the list of dangerous buildings which is publicly distributed by local authorities. For example, the Tel Aviv municipality, the Rishon Lezion municipality and the Bat Yam municipality publish a list of dangerous buildings that is updated from time to time.


Buyers in negotiation to purchase a property can require that the seller, or the seller’s lawyer provide confirmation from the relevant local authority that the property in question is not considered a hazardous structure; a prudent step prior to signing a binding agreement.

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