Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers at the firm are known as “litigators” or “trial lawyers” since we specialize in civil litigation. We represent our clients across a broad spectrum of proceedings, among them are pre-trial hearings, arbitration and mediation processes, semi-judicial bodies as well as in any of the courts in Israel.


Our litigators represent clients in all stages of a typical civil litigation case – discovery of information and documents, pre-trial hearings, mediation proceedings for a potential settlement, depositions of witnesses and investigation of the witnesses in the courtroom, and submission of post-trial summations before the court renders a judgement.


Commercial Civil Litigation


The Israeli legal system is comprised of a three-tiered structure; The Magistrate Courts which serve as the first tier for most civil cases, the District Courts which serve as first tier for larger civil claims or as courts of appeals for the Magistrate, and the Supreme Court, which is the highest tier.


We represent individuals and companies in all jurisdictions with a focus on complex litigation with an expertise in cases that comprise of real estate litigation, trust law, banking regulation and mortgages, loans and financing transactions, contracts, defamation and privacy laws, and more.


Real Estate Disputes


We give legal counsel to apartment owners, contractors, lenders, investors, developers, joint venture partners and purchasing groups on all aspects of real estate conflicts in Israel. Our office deals with property-related disputes such as:


– Property ownership disputes between family members, business partners, joint venture partners, and others.


– Purchase related matters and disputes with regards to the acquisition of residential, commercial or agriculture properties.


– Claims against real estate brokers and agents.


– Tenants – Disputes arising in relations to lease renewals or evicting tenants.


– Urban Renewal Projects – Tama 38 and demolition and construction projects.


– Claims before the Supervisor of Joint Homes – Disputes between neighbours in multi-family complexes in Israel before the judicial authority in the Land Registry and Settlement of Rights at the Israeli Ministry of Justice.


Property Tax Appeals


Our office had acquired vast experience in handling appeals before the Tax Authority, especially before its property tax department with regards to real estate purchase and capital gains tax. One of our firm’s biggest achievements was persuading the High Court of Justice to annul the controversial Third Apartment Tax Law in August 2017.


Administrative Litigation


We represent our clients in proceedings before the administrative courts and the Supreme Courts, when it is acting as the High Court of Justice. Those proceedings are usually brought on order to review a state or local authority’s decision which is perceived to infringe upon the client’s rights or interest.


Our office has an extensive experience in petitions to the High Court of Justice in matters relating to legislation as well as to decisions of governmental agencies. We are also experts in administrative petitions that involve public tenders and ensuring the integrity of process of those tenders is maintained.

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