Real Estate and Property Tax

Our office provides legal counsel to real estate entrepreneurs, investors, contractors, as well as purchasing groups and apartment owners in urban renewal projects.
Real Estate and Property Tax

Urban Renewal Projects

We advise real estate entrepreneurs and tenants in all types of urban renewal projects – Tama 38 (The National Outline Plan number 38) and demolition and construction projects. Our legal counsel is provided throughout all stages of the projects – planning of the real estate project, the negotiation between the entrepreneur and apartment owners, signing a detailed agreement between the parties, acquiring a permit to build and throughout the building until completion.

Purchasing Groups

Our office guides organized groups which are formed in order to purchase a property and constructing a residential or commercial building. We provide legal and tax advice with regards to purchasing the land, organizing the group, contracts with numerous professionals involved in the project as well as provide legal services with regards to project financing and all dealings with Israeli banks.

Purchase or Sale of Real Estate in Israel

Our office provides legal guidance for individuals and companies in all aspects that relate to purchase or sale of a real estate property. We verify the owner’s rights in the property, negotiate the terms of the purchase or selling agreement, check whether there are unused building rights, and assist that the deal will run as smooth as possible. Our legal services include also property tax consultation, including tax planning for transactions in Israel and outside of Israel.

The firm also guides new immigrants to Israel (Olim) about the benefits they are entitled to with regards to purchasing real estate in Israel.

Combination Projects

We advise entrepreneurs (contractors) and land owners in combination projects, in which the land owner is selling his or her entire land or part of in exchange of building services and apartments which will be built on the land. Our office assists in all aspects with regards to the contractual relations between the parties as well as handling all taxation and betterment levy aspects in connection with the project.

Buyer’s Price and Target Price

Our office developed over the years an expertise in representing clients that purchase apartments in the programs of Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing, Buyer’s Price (“Mechir Lamishtaken”) and Target Price (“Mechir Matara”) which offer affordable housing mostly for young couples in Israel.

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