What to Look for in a Real Estate Lawyer in Jerusalem

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Whenever you are buying or selling property in Jerusalem, it is crucial to have a good real estate lawyer that is based in Jerusalem and is familiar with the area and its properties. Real estate lawyers can help you sell your home to the best buyers, ensuring that the entire transaction is handled legally. They also certify title, which guarantees that the property you are selling is exactly how it is described in the deed. Buyers can count on lawyers to negotiate fair terms in agreements and leases. Knowing what qualities to look for in a lawyer are key, as these factors can help you close your real estate transactions fast.


Varied Experiences

It is a good idea to look for a lawyer or law firm that can handle multiple types of real estate law. Lawyers who are familiar with both sides of real estate transactions tend to be better negotiators. They also can work with agreements of purchase and sale faster, closing your deal earlier without any delays or complications.


Finding a law firm that offers other services as well, such as the provision of wills or matrimonial advice, is also a good idea. This way, you can use the same firm for multiple needs, meaning you do not have to struggle to find a reputable lawyer again in the future.

Frequent Communication

When you are looking around for lawyers, be sure to ask how often they communicate with their clients. In particular, you should know the length of time that you can expect to elapse between updates about your matter and how long it usually takes them to return phone calls or emails. Asking about their preferred form of communication is also ideal. For example, many lawyers prefer to correspond with clients by email so there is a paper record of everything that was said. Others enjoy using the phone, because clients can get quick answers to easy questions this way and then following up with a memo. It is also wise to let the lawyer know about your own preferences and limitations. For example, if you cannot check your email during the day but can take a personal call, your attorney may prefer to communicate with you by phone.


Recommended by Real Estate Agents

If you have decided to use a real estate agent for this transaction, you should ask them to refer you to a lawyer they enjoy working with. Real estate agents deal with many lawyers from across Jerusalem, so they are the best people to ask. Agents may also be able to caution you about which lawyers you should do your best to avoid. When a real estate lawyer is recommended, be sure to contact them as soon as possible. Lawyers that are popular among real estate agents also happen to be in high demand.


No one should buy or sell a property without first consulting with a lawyer. A reputable lawyer works hard to be sure that each transaction is done legally and in a manner that is favorable to their client. The tips above can help you find the best property lawyer in Jerusalem – one who is able to handle multiple types of deals while also treating all their clients with respect.



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