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 The inheritance of an agricultural farm in the State of Israel is fundamentally different from the inheritance of another property and may be particularly complex.


While in the case of property left after the death of its owner and without a will there is a division among heirs, and in reference to the Israeli law of Inheritance, in the case of property which is agricultural land, there are special restrictions prohibiting its distribution and allowing it to be transferred to only one heir.


Israel’s Inheritance Law, which is responsible for regulating inheritance in the State of Israel is not the only source for this and does not currently cover all various relevant options relating to the inheritance of an agricultural farm.


The inheritance of such a farm does not include only a proprietary right, but rather all the accompanying rights, which are granted by virtue of the status of that bequest as a member of a cooperative association. Farms located in settlements where the farm land is registered in the name of its owner, or where his lease agreement is directly with the Israel Lands Authority, are valid in accordance with section 114 of the Inheritance Law.


Appropriate professional assistance – agricultural inheritance


Due to differences between existing agreements in the Moshav and the lease agreements of the Israeli Land Authority, the status of the owners of the farms as well as the way of inheriting the farms is determined by those contracts. 

The differences in the status of and the rights granted by the Cooperative Society for inheritance make the procedure much more complex, requiring the assistance of a lawyer, skilled in agricultural inheritance.


Adv. Ohad Shpak specializes in real estate and property taxation, including agricultural farms. His office can assist in cases of inheritance of farmland, even when faced with quite a few difficulties and restrictions that may be associated with the procedure. 


Nowadays, with regard to the ways of inheriting agricultural farms in Israel, it is well know that these are among the most complex legal issues related to the Israeli Land Law. These issues are not sufficiently clear to the general public and even to many lawyers who do not specialize in them.


The need to examine inheritance laws, lease agreements, wills, and other parameters, which also require reference in cases of agricultural farm inheritance, makes the inheritance process complicated and there are many questions that need to be examined in each case.

Proper conduct and assistance of a lawyer who knows all these issues and is well acquainted with the laws and rules and the specific provisions of the will can prevent unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings. This is, of course, along with significant financial savings, which are often not taken into account.


When preparing a will or in cases of death, contacting Ohad Shpak’s law firm is the right way in order for you to avoid unnecessary complications and problems that may make the process difficult. 

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